This is our generation’s opportunity to create an industry for B.C. / June 19, 2019

In 1867 an entrepreneur named John “Gassy Jack” Deighton opened a saloon near a newly built sawmill on Burrard Inlet. In doing so, he started “Gastown,” the small village that would grow up around the lumber industry to become Vancouver. This was a few years after gold was discovered on the Fraser River, sparking a […]

Get the facts on LNG and B.C.’s climate plan / November 13, 2018

One of the most significant contributions British Columbians can make toward reducing global climate emissions is to support the development of B.C.’s liquified natural gas industry.  One of the most significant contributions British Columbians can make towards reducing inequality in B.C. is to support the development of B.C.’s liquefied natural gas industry. Fact: B.C.’s LNG […]

Let’s talk about B.C. LNG and global emissions / September 21, 2018

  When we talk about reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, “carbon leakage” is an important factor to consider.   Carbon leakage happens when one country’s, or province’s, climate policies cause greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to move to another state, province or country. Instead of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the emissions just move somewhere else.   […]

LNG- Getting a fair return for B.C.’s natural resources / July 25, 2018

British Columbians deserve a fair return for our province’s natural resources. Developing an LNG industry in B.C. is the best way to ensure we can add value and get a fair price for our natural gas. In B.C., the new tax revenue from a modest LNG industry of two larger and one small LNG projects […]

Why Canada needs a liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry / June 25, 2018

If the U.S. were to decide tomorrow to stop importing Canadian natural gas, $19 billion in revenues and 533,000 jobs across the nation would be in jeopardy. Twelve of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories benefit in some way from natural gas development. Just over half of our economic activity from natural gas relies on continued […]

Moving toward an LNG industry in B.C. / May 24, 2018

The headlines in 2016 were gloomy- a forecasted “glut” of LNG on global markets driving down global LNG prices to lows not seen in decades. This over-supply combined with depressed global energy prices postponed almost all investment in B.C.’s LNG projects which just a couple of years before had been on track to make final […]

From gas lights to LNG / April 20, 2018

From gas lights to LNG – B.C.’s natural gas history   While the idea of cooling natural gas until it becomes a liquid may be a new idea in British Columbia, there’s nothing new about B.C.’s natural gas and natural gas industry.  In fact, the road to delivering it safely to homes and businesses and overseas […]

Five good reasons to support LNG in B.C. / March 23, 2018

British Columbians enjoy the benefits of natural gas every day- hot showers, tasty dinners, heat and  maybe even the ambiance of a fireplace. Producing natural gas is nothing new in B.C., the first commercial natural gas well began supplying gas to Dawson Creek in 1948. Since then, hundreds of wells have been safely developed in […]