LNG in the news

Forbes- Natural gas is the future of energy, and it’s not even close- January 10, 2017

Alaska Highway News– “B.C. LNG plans survive bruising year” -December 21, 2016

Western Investor– “LNG plant near Squamish first to go ahead in B.C.” -December 14, 2016

Vancouver Sun- “Shell-led LNG Canada seeks new lead contractor on $40-billion proposal for Kitimat”-December 9, 2016

Alaska Highway News- “Prince Rupert Gas Transmission, Gitxsan hereditary chiefs sign project agreement”- November 29, 2016

LNG World Shipping- “LNG surplus drives a ‘second natural gas revolution’, says IEA”- November 16, 2016

Interfax Global Energy– “International Energy Agency predicts second gas revolution” – November 16, 2016

Washington Post- “Stunningly good news for the planet: Carbon emissions were flat for the third straight year”- November 13, 2016

The Tyee- “With good stewardship, LNG can be a social good” – October 28, 2016

Financial Post– “Conference Board predicts LNG investment rebound despite low world prices” -October 13, 2016

Huffington Post– “190 conditions on LNG approval put First Nations in driver’s seat”- October 12, 2016

Vancouver Sun- “With LNG, Canada can help millions”- October 7, 2016

EnergeticCity.ca- “Mayor Lori Ackerman supports federal government PNW LNG decision”- September 28, 2016

The Province- “Latest technology makes B.C. LNG cleaner” – September 19, 2016

Vancouver Sun- “Upside to LNG slowdown evident in greater First Nations engagement” -September 7, 2016

Globe and Mail– “B.C. LNG could reduce emissions if done correctly”- August 24, 2016

BC Business– “Partnering for Economic Development: Lessons learned” July 7, 2016

Alaska Highway News- “Cross-country LNG bus tour returns home with optimism” – June 29, 2016

Squamish Chief– “Squamish Nation votes to approve Fortis BC pipeline”- June 25, 2016

Prince George Citizen– “First Nations overwhelmingly support LNG, Rustad asserts” – June 20, 2016

Pipeline News North- “NEBC mayors address Nation2Nation forum” June 16, 2016

Globe and Mail– “Natural gas is key piece of Canada’s climate puzzle, at home and abroad”- June 8, 2016

Alaska Highway News– “LNG group plans to drive its message to Ottawa”- May 10, 2016

Squamish Chief– “Woodfibre signs agreement to sell LNG” May 9, 2016

Vancouver Sun– “First Nations support for LNG grows stronger” -May 7, 2016

Vancouver Sun- Vaughn Palmer “Most B.C. First Nations OK with LNG pipelines” -April 21, 2016

Bloomberg News “Shell, Chevron await demand from LNG market in “pause mode” -April 12, 2016

Terrace Standard- “LNG industry boosted at Terrace, B.C. rally” March 16, 2007

Prince Rupert Northern View– “In our opinion: LNG money is already coming”- March 16, 2016

CBC News– “Pro-LNG truckers rally in northern B.C. hoping to sway Ottawa”- March 16, 2016

The Province-“David Keane, Chief Karen Ogen, and Tom Sigurdson: Gore’s man is wrong about B.C.’s LNG plans” – February 25, 2016