Developing a new LNG industry is a major opportunity
that can provide a lasting legacy of economic benefits for
British Columbians and Canadians

B.C.’s significant natural gas reserves and our proximity to Asian markets give our province an unparalleled opportunity to grow a vibrant new industry and serve the growing demand for natural gas and a better quality of life in the Asia-Pacific.

Economic Benefits

On average, up to 4,000 new jobs could be created to
construct each large-scale LNG plant, while thousands of new
and permanent jobs would be required to operate the
plants and support the industry

The projects proposed by the Alliance’s members could constitute the largest investment ever seen in British Columbia. Together the six projects the Alliance represents account for a total potential investment of over $40 billion for just the liquefaction plants.

When operational, the plants could provide new revenues to all levels of government that may well run into the billions every year. That’s new revenue that will help pay for health care, education and social programs.

The economic benefits of LNG will be felt province-wide

Reducing Greenhouse Gas

B.C.’s LNG industry can help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.  When used to displace coal or oil when generating electricity it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 45 per cent.

Natural gas from British Columbia, liquefied and exported to emerging markets in Asia, holds great potential to provide a net global environmental benefit.

For example, China, the world’s fastest growing economy, is working to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions in part by replacing the country’s coal and oil use with natural gas, while increasing the amount of natural gas in their energy mix over time.